Whether you are getting a new pet or shopping for insurance that can cover your fur babies in case of emergencies, opt for pet insurance that covers routine care. As a responsible pet owner, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned if it means your beloved pet gets regular vet care. Pet insurance that covers those services can ensure a happy and healthy fur baby.

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Does Pet Insurance Cover Routine Visits?

Sadly, most pet insurance policies don't cover routine vet visits. These include regular checkups, vaccinations, dental cleaning, etc. Insurance companies that offer preventive care coverage do so in the form of add-ons such as the following:


These cover routine expenses associated with animal care, such as vaccinations, yearly checks, and flea prevention. Wellness add-ons can be added to your policy for an extra fee.

Comprehensive Plans

All-inclusive or comprehensive wellness plans provide pet owners with routine care coverage in one convenient package. It is one of the reasons why most people opt for this add-on.

Limitations and Exclusions

Make sure you look into your policy coverage thoroughly before finalizing. Even if your insurance company covers regular care, it may have limits. For example, you may be allowed only a specific number of visits yearly, and only particular vaccinations may be covered.

Bespoke Policies

Some pet insurance policies can be tailored to your pet's specific needs. This can include routine care that can ensure your pet has the care it needs, even if you are short on funds. Or you can choose to exclude it if you want to.

Why You Need Pet Insurance

Whether you opt for pet insurance or not should depend on your pet’s needs and your financial health. Here are some of the best benefits it offers:

Proactive Healthcare

Preventive measures such as regular vaccinations and dental and health checkups are essential for a healthy pet. By opting for pet insurance, you can ensure potential health concerns are nipped in the bud, leading to a healthier fur baby.

Financial Peace of Mind

The last thing you want to end up with is an expensive vet bill with no means to pay it off. Avoid this nightmarish scenario with pet insurance. Routine vet visits and other treatments can add up with time, and unexpected illnesses or injuries can add to your financial burden. Insurance can offset these costs, giving you peace of mind.

Cost-Efficient Preventive Measures

By opting for pet insurance that covers regular preventive measures, you can save money down the line. Take dental care, for instance. Good oral hygiene can prevent serious conditions such as heart disease and mouth cancer, which can be costly to treat and often fatal. With pet insurance that covers routine care, you can prevent tragedy.

Bespoke Coverage

Pet insurance companies understand that each pet has unique healthcare needs. It's why they offer bespoke coverage plans that give pet owners the flexibility they need for maximum coverage. This way, they get a personalized and comprehensive plan for a healthier and happier pet.

Encourages Responsible Pet Ownership

By paying for routine pet insurance, you will be more inclined to ensure your fur baby has everything it needs for a healthy life. This includes mandatory vaccinations, regular checkups, and other healthcare requirements that can prevent diseases. Remember, several of these can be transmitted from animals to humans. With pet insurance, you and your pet will remain safe from deadly conditions.

Remain Stress-Free

Emergencies involving pets can be emotionally and financially draining. Without coverage, you may be unable to save them, and even if you can collect the money for their treatment, your savings will be depleted. Pet insurance that covers routine care can give you complete peace of mind in this regard.

Get Coverage for Chronic Ailments

Chronic conditions in pets are often breed-specific. These may develop over time as your pet grows. For example, Persian cats are susceptible to asthma, which may require emergency care, especially during winter and allergy season. Similarly, German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia, which may require surgery to correct. By opting for coverage in routine care policies covering chronic conditions, you can manage these complicated health issues without worrying about the bill.

All-Inclusive Wellness Plans

Most pet insurance providers add routine care coverage in comprehensive or all-inclusive plans. This includes flea prevention and vaccinations, two essential treatments no pet can do without. With this plan, you can ensure your fur baby is covered for common healthcare issues without juggling multiple policies.

What Pet Insurance Policies May Not Cover

Whether you opt for a comprehensive package or a pet insurance that covers routine care, your pet may not be covered for the following:

● Diseases
● Accidents
● Pregnancy
● Grooming

Again, asking your insurance provider if these can be added as add-ons is always a good idea. While most insurance companies don't cover these, some may offer them as incentives for policy holders.

Every pet owner thinks they don't need insurance until too late. Anything from accidents, choking, allergies, and even poisoning can take the life of your beloved fur baby. Ensure you have the finances to cover emergency and routine care with pet insurance.

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Your pet is like a beloved member of your family, and seeing them in pain or suffering is the last thing you need. But routine trips to the vet can take a sizeable chunk out of your income without insurance.

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