Cats are beloved members of the family, not just cuddle buddies. With their diverse personalities and eccentric characteristics, each one is a joy for their owners. But with pet ownership comes great responsibility. Each breed has its own health concerns that can lead to high vet bills if you forego timely treatment. This is where cat insurance can prove invaluable and cost-efficient!

If you are looking for a cat breed that insurance companies love, look no further than our list.

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Here are some of the breeds you should consider if you want to get health insurance for your new fur baby:

British Shorthair

Beloved for their rotund bodies, round faces, and easy disposition, the British Shorthair is often recommended by insurance companies as the best cat breeds for affordable insurance. The breed is not as prone to genetic issues as others, which can be expensive to treat.

Known for a calm disposition and adaptable nature this breed should be on your list for your new furry companion if you want to save money on vet bills.


Bombay cats are generally a healthy breed who can live long lives with proper care. While their short muzzle can cause some breathing issues, it isn’t serious enough to cause emergency vet trips. Some Bombay cats can live well beyond their life expectancy and can thrive outdoors.


While this is not a particular breed per se, insurance companies still love them because they are not particularly prone to health concerns. Specific whorl patterns and stripes characterize the breed.

Tabbies are quite playful and outgoing and can take care of themselves mostly so they can thrive outdoors. Naturally curious, they can spend hours exploring their neighborhood and playing with children and other pets. At most, they may injure themselves in play, which can be covered by affordable insurance.


This is a long-haired cat breed with distinctive and gorgeous blue eyes and colorpoint fur. As one of the larger breeds out there, Ragdoll cats love to cuddle and are also quite patient. This means you can pick them up and play with them without fear of being clawed, making them the perfect lap cats for apartment dwellers and senior citizens.

While the breed has long fur, it is smooth and remains matt-free with regular brushing. They can be a bit lazy, which can cause weight gain, but that is treatable with exercise. Some can develop urinary tract infections, which is a common and treatable feline ailment. A consultation can uncover genetic diseases and ensure you can nip them in the bud.

Scottish Fold

With its cute folder ears and round face, the Scottish Fold makes it to our list of the top breeds of cats recommended by insurance companies as well. These cats usually remain healthy with just their ears, giving them a bit of trouble now and then – the folded ears can cause joint issues, which are treatable.

You can easily get insurance for this issue from a good insurance company that will be more than happy to discuss affordable options.


The hairless Sphinx was a godsend for allergy-prone cat lovers, and the breed is also insurance-friendly. The cat does have some peach fuzz, which is soft to the touch, comical large ears, and wrinkly skin that makes it look grumpy. But the highly social and energetic breed is a favorite with cat lovers because of its good health.

The breed doesn't have genetic issues as such since it is the result of a genetic mutation rather than active breeding efforts. However, they can suffer from muscle weakness, dark spots, and rashes due to their exposed skin. Pet insurance can take care of these issues without burning a hole in your pocket. The breed is also susceptible to common cat ailments, but those are easily treated.


Abyssinians are known for their playful and energetic nature. They are also quite lovable and don’t take long to become cherished family members. Since it has a short coat, its fur upkeep is easy and tangle-free, which prevents painful matting and expensive skin issues.

Since the breed has an active lifestyle, it isn't prone to weight-related health concerns such as diabetes and heart disease. Add the fact that they require little to no grooming, and you have a cat breed that has affordable insurance. But ensure you get a recommended plan as soon as possible. The last thing you need is to pay in full to treat a small injury!

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Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds for pet lovers who are on a budget. Boasting a streamlined and elongated body, almond-shaped eyes, and small heads, the breed is known for its striking looks along with an affectionate nature. They love to be active and can also be trained on a lead for walks.

With a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, the breed can live to a decent age without developing serious ailments. Some cats may be prone to heart disease and respiratory issues, but cases are rare and rarely serious if they are treated on time. With the right cat insurance, you can ensure your fur baby gets the treatment they need before it is too late. A comprehensive insurance package can deal with several issues.

In Conclusion

Nothing is more heartbreaking to a cat owner than to see their beloved pets suffer. Choose the best cat breeds that insurance companies recommend to save money on vet bills and your mental health. Choose Paw Darling pet insurance for the best packages.

The insurance company can develop a custom cat care package that aligns with your specific breed and the ailments they may be susceptible to. The last thing you need is to find yourself short on funds with an injured or ill fur baby. Ensure the top breeds of cats get the treatment they need when they need it with Paw Darling pet insurance.