If your dog loves to run outside and you live in snake country, your pet may get bitten. Sometimes, you may not even know your dog has been bitten before it is too late. Dogs are more susceptible to snake venom than cats, and bites are almost always fatal unless you opt for a snake vaccine for dogs.

While pet insurance can take care of the vaccine, our guide and snake bite vaccine for dogs can help you prevent a tragedy.

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Telltale Symptoms of Snake Bites in Dogs

You may not realize your dog has been bitten just from a single look. Reactions can vary depending on the type of snake, your pet's size, and other factors. If you did not opt for snake vaccine for dogs, look out for the following symptoms if you think your pet was bitten:

● Swelling or pain on the bite site. Common areas include the legs, face, and neck
● Dilated pupils
● Lethargy and collapse after a bite
● Diarrhea
● Vomiting
● Paralysis
● Weakness in the hind legs

Some of the factors that can affect the severity of these symptoms include the following:

● The type of snake that bit your dog
● The bite site
● How much venom was injected into the bite wound. High volumes can cause an immediate reaction.

Since symptoms manifest subtly or not at all, get your dog checked by a vet immediately, even if you are caught up on all vaccines, such as the dog snake vaccine. Even if the snake isn't venomous, the puncture wound it leaves can get infected without treatment and antibiotics, leading to complications down the line. So make sure you take your pet to an experienced vet.

What to Do If Your Dog Is Bitten by a Snake

If a snake bit your dog or you see any of the symptoms mentioned above, here is what you should do:

● Call the vet to find out if you should come in immediately or if you can treat the bite at home.
● Try to take a picture of the snake, but don’t run after it. If that isn’t possible, remember what it looks like so you can tell the vet.
● Put a muzzle on your dog so he doesn't bite or scratch the bite site. It may cause an infection.
● Tend to the wound, which should be in the shape of a puncture. Rinse it with water or some saline solution to prevent an infection.
● Carry your dog to the car. Excessive movement can increase blood flow and spread the venom faster. Keep your pet quiet and relaxed on the way to the vet so his heart rate remains normal.

What You Shouldn't Do If a Snake Bites Your Dog

If you panic, you may do some things that can worsen your dog’s condition. Here are some things you should avoid doing if your pet is bitten:

Don’t Try to Kill the Snake

Fear and anger may make you take up a shovel after you spot the snake, but you may get bitten. How will you ensure your pet gets the medical aid he needs then? Plus, you don't need to take the snake to the vet to determine the antidote. There are only two types of anti-venom, which the vet can determine after analyzing your dog's symptoms.

Don’t Attempt to Remove the Venom

Venom spreads through the bloodstream quickly, so sucking on the bite wound won't do you any good. It may be lethal for you! Take your pet to the vet instead.

Don’t Apply a Tourniquet

This may seem obvious, but it's a waste of time and can do more harm than good. The tourniquet can block fresh blood from flooding the bite site, concentrating the venom there. With time, the toxin can eat away at that part.

Common Snake Bite Treatments for Dogs

The vet will treat the puncture wound if the vet determines the snake bite was from a non-venomous snake. In this case, the fur around the site will be removed, and the spot will be flushed and cleaned. You may be asked to give your pet antibiotics and pain medication to prevent inflammation.

If the bite is from a venomous snake, on the other hand, the treatment can get complicated, especially if your dog is bitten on the chest or around the eyes. The vet will administer an antivenin to counteract the poison and reduce the damage. This will be accompanied by intravenous fluids to promote blood circulation and prevent low blood pressure. Once treated, your dog will be prescribed antibiotics and pain medication to prevent swelling.

Snake Bite Prevention for Your Dog

If you live in an area that is rife with snakes, especially during summer when they come out of hibernation, follow these tips to keep your dog safe:

● Keep your dog on a leash during walks. Pull him away from anything he finds extremely interesting on the path. It could be a snake.
● Relegate walks to daylight hours so you can spot snakes before it is too late.
● Avoid cluttered or rock areas that are thick with bushes. These are prime hiding spots for snakes.
● Keep your yard clean of debris, bird seeds, and rodents that snakes love eating. Keep the grass short, too, so the reptiles don't treat your yard as a hiding spot.
● Snakes can swim, so make sure your pool or the lake is free of them before letting your pup dive in. You can see them floating on the surface, but also ask the people around you if that is the case.

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Why You Should Opt for Pet Insurance

If you live in snake country, your dog may get bitten in your backyard. If your pet birds are constantly agitated in their cages, your dogs keep barking or digging up your flowers, and you see cats stalking something in your yard, you may have snakes.

If your dog is bitten by a snake and isn’t vaccinated for it, the vet bill may be astronomical without pet insurance, especially if a venomous snake bites him. Your pet will need extensive treatment and medication to make it and get healthy again. The costs will add up, and without the funds, you may be saying goodbye to your furry companion.

With dog insurance and snake vaccine for dogs, you can prevent this from happening. The insurance can cover hospital stays, lab tests, and critical medication, depending on your package. It can ensure your pet gets the medical aid needed to prevent a tragedy and ease some of your financial stress.

Bottom Line

If you are searching for comprehensive pet insurance that covers snake bites, opt for PawDarling. We offer several packages that can cover essential medical requirements in case your pet is bitten. In some cases, this can also include pet boarding and care. Make the responsible choice today and choose PawDarling pet insurance. Doing so can secure your fur baby's happiness and health.

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